This Episode Contains Spoilers!

It’s our 40th episode! We’re so excited to get into the movie. We’re talking about 2017s Pyewacket today. This Canadian horror entry brings the demonic spooks in spades. Billie and the boys chat about the cons and the other cons of summoning a spirit to kill your parent, mull over the ideas of how reality can be perceived and make enough Star Wars references to annoy just about everyone. Content Warning: The summoning ritual in this ritual depicts some self-harm in the form of cutting across a wrist. Please take care when watching this one, folks.

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Introductions and hellos
00:21:10 – Pyewacket Trailer
00:22:44 – Movie discussion
01:38:43 – Scariest Part of the Entire Movie (SPOTEM)
01:44:28 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:50:00 – Something to Cheer
01:54:29 – Thank yous/Credits/Social Media

Next week we’re watching The Strangers!

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Train to Busan

This Podcast Contains Spoilers.

Hop on the Train to Busan with this week’s episode of Nothing to Fear! We discuss this 2016 zombie/action movie and…..if you’ll pardon the pun….we get a little bit derailed.

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Time Codes are listed below
00:00:23 Intro
00:12:34 Trailer
00:13:55 Post Movie Chats!
01:10:04 Ad Break
01:24:14 Spoiler for Game of Thrones – Red Wedding Episode
01:31:49 Scariest Part of the Entire Movie
01:34:23 Ratings
01:39:55 Something to Cheer
01:43:35 Credits, End of Episode!

Next Week: Pyewacket!

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Child’s Play

This Podcast Contains Spoilers (sort of.)

Seems like we’ve been stuck in a real 1980s rut for most of 2021 so far. Maybe it’s because the world is a bit scary these days and we seek to retreat to a more nostalgic time.

A time when a doll could be possessed by the soul of a serial killer and no one asked why even once.

We watched Child’s Play and got to meet that loveable(?) scamp that is Chucky the Doll. Listen on to see what we thought of this one, folks! And, as always, give us a rating, review and subscribe so you don’t miss any episodes of Nothing to Fear.

Time Codes for the Episode
00:00:23 – Greetings and Introductions
00:08:54 – Trailer
00:10:47 – Movie Discussion
01:18:18 – Scariest Part of the Entire Movie
01:21:19 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:24:52 – Something to Cheer
01:27:08 – End of the show

Next Week we take a ride on the Train to Busan for some Korean zombie fun times. How exciting.

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My Bloody Valentine

This Podcast Contains Spoilers!

This week we are talking about 1981’s My Bloody Valentine. Canadian Film, Holiday themed horror movie, late 70s/ early 80s? Sounds a lot like Black Christmas. Maybe some day we’ll do an Easter horror movie.

Please check the time codes for information on this week’s episode including additional spoilers if you wish to skip ahead.

Time Codes
00:00:23 Show Starts
00:10:43 Trailer
00:12:23 Movie discussion
00:37:30-00:37:45 *Spoiler for Scream*
00:52:21-00:53:00 *Spoiler for Rise of Skywalker*
01:14:55 Scariest Part of The Entire Movie
01:17:00 Ratings
01:20:00 Would You Watch Again
01:22:23 Something to Cheer
01:27:50 End of the Show
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Thanks for listening. Next week we’re watching Child’s Play!

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Children of the Corn

This Podcast contains Spoilers.

Come on down to the wide, open spaces of rural Nebraska this week. The NtF squad is heading to a small town called Gatlin to interview this new religion run by, of all things, children. It should be fine though. Kids are pretty friendly towards Outlanders right? 

Friends, it should be noted that this movie is NOT The Village of the Damned like Billie AND Luke thought it was. But we dive back into the world of Stephen King and his take on religious zealotry, ill-defined supernatural beings and all the corn you can shuck.

Take a look at the Time Codes below to see all the different segments.

Time Codes
00:00:23 Introductions and Hellos and trigger warning website
00:12:40 Trailer
00:13:57 Movie Discussion
01:28:11 SPOTEM
01:30:20 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:33:45 Something to Cheer
01:37:38 Reviews
01:39:15 Merch Teepublic and Society6
01:40:31 Credits/Next Week: My Bloody Valentine.

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This Episode Contains Spoilers! *Seriously* If you are at all interested in watching this movie spoiler free do not listen to the episode before you do so. You have been warned.

Alex, Billie and Luke dive into the twisted and brutal world of Jigsaw to talk about 2004’s Saw. Join us as we talk about Saw, the early 2000s and the unique twist on the horror genre that spawned the sub-genre of Gore porn. Is that right? We aren’t experts, we’re just watching some movies and having some scares and then talking about it.

Check out the movie that Luke recommended The Vast of Night, available on Amazon Prime in Canada. We aren’t sponsored by it, but it’s a good movie!

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Introductions
00:08:07 – Trailer
00:10:00 – 2nd half movie discussion
01:39:49 – SPOTEM/Ratings/WYWA
01:48:39 – Something to Cheer
01:54:10 – End of show/credits and all of that.

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Next week we’re heading to a slice of small town Americana watching another Stephen King adaptation with ‘The Children of the Corn.’ 

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This podcast contains spoilers!

Finishing off birthday month strong with the 1987 entry for our very own Luke. It’s Clive Barker’s Hellraiser! We get to meet Pinhead, learn how to solve a particularly challenging Rubik’s cube and talk about that sweet sweet 80s style we all miss so much (do we?)

You know, some people say that this podcast is run by demons. Still waiting for the contingent that says we’re angels though. I expect they’ll be around any day now.

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Time Codes
00:00:23 Start of the Show
00:10:00 Trailer
00:11:27 Post movie chats (the main bit)
01:25:42 SPOTEM
01:28:05 Ratings/Would you watch again
01:33:13 Something to Cheer
01:35:42 Review
01:38:25 Merch/Socials/Credits

Next week, we are watching Saw!

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Fright Night

This Episode Contains Spoilers!

Continuing birthday month, Billie celebrates by making the guys watch 1985’s Fright Night. We really…….uh…..we really sink our teeth into this movie. The discussion gets very…..time warpey but it’s all good fun. Join us as we talk about Vampires, Chris Sarandon roles and the power of believing in yourself. This might be the most motivational episode of the podcast yet (no it isn’t). Enjoy! Oh! But also check out You’re Wrong About. Great podcast that Billie may or may not use for her something to cheer (No spoilies)

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Show Introduction
00:08:25 – Trailer
00:09:44 – Post Trailer Chats
01:21:10 – Final Thoughts
01:27:27 – SPOTEM
01:29:35 – Ratings
01:32:42 – Would You Watch it Again
01:34:40 – Something to Cheer
01:40:02 – Reviews/Thank Yous/Merchandise
01:42:34 – Credits/Show Plugs
01:45:18 – Next Week (Hellraiser)

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This Podcast contains spoilers (BUT that doesn’t super matter) (Also we don’t really spoil that much)

Continuing on our Birthday Celebration episodes with Alex’s birthday we take a look at 1993’s Leprechaun. So get your bangs teased to the utmost and find your purple vest because we got a whole bag of gold coins that we found next to a shiny green hat and a some buckled shoes. What could go wrong? 

Even though this movie wasn’t very good, we have a lot of fun going on tangents and we get to plug some cool podcasts. Check them out after this episode is over! Smartless and I Hate it but I Love it (IHIBILI, everyone!). Also Here is the scene from Winners & Sinners that Alex mentions.

There is especially Nothing to Fear with this movie, friends.

 Time Codes

00:00:23 – Introductions and Pre-movie chats
00:08:17 – Trailer
00:08:45 – Post-Movie Chats
00:59:08 – SPOTEM
01:02:30 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again?
01:05:45 – Something to Cheer
01:08:30 – Reviews/Shoutouts
01:11:34 – Merch Shops! Society6 and TeePublic
01:12:30 – Socials! (Instagram: @nothingtofearpodcast; Twitter: @NothingtoFearp1; email:; Billie’s Instagram: @billie_by_design; Luke’s Podcast: Really True Fiction
01:14:25 – Credits/Next Week (Fright Night!)

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Pet Sematary

This podcast contains spoilers. Welcome to the year 2021 everyone. Let’s talk all about Pet Sematary today! What do we think? 

We can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than by talking about a film where there is a graveyard that can bring things back to life (like 80s nostalgia and Star Wars reboots) but somehow wrong or different. This marks the first week of birthday month at Nothing to Fear. All of us hosts have a January birthday and since we decided to have a fourth week in January we had to get our dear friend Mark involved since he is also a January baby.

So get your resolutions sorted out and tidy away the Christmas decorations while listening. Please check the Time Codes for certain trigger warnings happening in this movie. There are a couple doozies.

Time Codes
00:00:23 Introductions and Happy New Years!
00:06:30 Trailer
00:07:45 Post Movie Discussioin
00:40:27-00:43:50 – TW: Suicide
00:44:43-00:53:16 – TW: Death of a Child
01:28:52 SPOTEM
01:31:30 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:34:32 Something to Cheer
01:39:33 Socials/Thank yous/Merch
01:44:42 Next Week (Leprechaun)

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