Disclaimer: Hi, Billie here. There is a bit of funky sound things in this episode. For some reason Luke’s mic kept dropping his volume throughout the recording. I tried my best to correct it as much as I could but it may be a bit funky! Thank you, listeners!

This podcast contains spoilers for the 1990 movie Tremors!

Join Billie, Alex and Luke as we discuss this very campy, very silly movie about two boys and their struggle with big ole worms. No innuendo here, friends. Check the time codes for the episode sections and let us know on Instagram (@nothingtofearpodcast) how you liked the show!

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Time Codes
00:00:23 – Intro/Light Blasphemy
00:04:28 – Movie Intro
00:11:09 – Trailer
00:12:53 – Post movie chats
01:07:15 – Ad for Unclockable
01:11:00 – Scariest Part
01:13:15 – Ratings
01:18:11 – Something to Cheer
01:22:28 – Show credits

Next week Alex has picked the 2020 film “His House” for our viewing and podcasting entertainment.

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You’re Next

This episode contains spoilers for the movie we’re discussing.

Luke got to choose today’s entry and he picked the 2011, Adam Wingard film, You’re Next. Join us as we talk about family dynamics, the need to robust social and therapy service networks and talk about one of the goofiest kills in a horror movie we’ve ever seen. Just a head’s up here, folks. This movie is real gory and over the top and we talk a bit about it. Enjoy!

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Time Codes
00:00:30 Intro
00:07:33 Trailer
00:08:55 Movie Discussion
01:05:49 Ad Break – Thank you to Unclockable for the sponsorship. Use promo code ‘NEVERFEAR’
01:17:24 Scariest Part
01:27:31 Ratings/Would You Rewatch
01:31:40 Something to Cheer
01:39:19 Credits

Next week we are watching 1990’s Tremors

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This episode contains spoilers. SERIOUSLY. This movie came out in 2020 and we spoil a lot of it so make sure you watch this movie before you listen if you don’t want to have the plot spoiled. 

As if the Pandemic wasn’t tough enough, what happens if a bunch of your friends do a Zoom seance and then summon a demon? Sounds like a bit more risky than that lawyer who got the cat filter stuck on his screen, eh?

Get comfy, make sure your microphone is turned on and you’ve arranged your bookshelves for maximum Zoom cred.

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Episode Timecodes
00:00:23 Introduction (Accidental Redwall Content)
00:05:54 Actual Introduction
00:15:03 Trailer
00:16:40 Post movie chats
00:51:40-00:52:00 TW: Suicide
01:13:20 Scariest Part of the Movie
01:19:14 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:26:10 Something to Cheer
01:31:51 End of the Show, Credits, Socials, Merch, Thank yous
Next Week: Luke’s Choice! You’re Next.

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BONUS Ma Mini-sode with Scotty Landes

Join Billie as she heads out on her own for another Nothing to Fear Mini-sode. Today she is chatting with writer, Scotty Landes (Workaholics, Ma, The Bananas Podcast) about the movie that he wrote!

It was a super chill chat where we talked horror, the creative process, a bit about how movies get made and a great many things. Please enjoy and when you’re done, check out The Bananas Podcast for weird news stories told by two absolute gems. The Bananas Podcast makes their home on the Exactly Right Podcast Network.

Thanks, Scotty, for taking time out of your day to chat to me, making me feel very comfortable and at home in the interviewer seat and talking about how movies get made! We can’t wait to see what you’re working on next! 

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This episode contains spoilers!
Take a trip back into the realm of your high school days. Asking people to buy booze for you and trying to find a place to drink. What could go wrong with partying in some random lady’s basement right? We chat about the pros and cons of social media, as well as the joys and dangers of that same new technology we’re all using.

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Time Codes
00:00:23 Introduction
00:07:54 Trailer
00:09:56 Post Movie Chats
00:36:45 Ad break (Thank you, unclockable!)
01:27:17 Scariest Part of the Movie
01:28:45 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:31:28 Ratings, Reviews etc
Next Week: Alex is picking the movie next and he is picking HOST! Very Exciting found footage horror movie using Zoom (ever heard of it?)

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Ju-On: The Grudge

This episode contains spoilers for the movie we are discussing.

Take a trip with us back over to Japan as we sample another fine entry from the Japanese Horror Canon. We watched Ju-On: The Grudge and then we talked about it. Join us as we discuss the motives behind a demonic force and all take a turn playing armchair therapist to Luke. It’s a good fun time!

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Time Codes

00:00:22 Introduction
00:18:00 Trailer
01:15:00 Ad (Thank you, Unclockable, for supporting the show)
01:21:08 Scariest Part of the Entire Movie
01:23:29 Ratings and Would We Watch it Again
01:28:08 Something to Cheer
01:34:40 Credits
Next week we are watching Ma!

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The Conjuring

This Podcast Contains Spoilers for the movie we are discussing.

The NtF crew is diving back into the spooky scary haunted realms this week as we discuss 2013’s The Conjuring. Patrick Wilson returns as a guy who’s name Billie can’t remember and we must have completed some sort of ritual because Luke’s landlord was conjured during the recording leaving Alex and Billie to their own devices. 

Listen to the show now either by winding up a dusty music box you found in the secret room in your house or by downloading it from whichever podcasting app you prefer. Time Codes and trigger warnings are below

TW: Brief mentions of suicide, infanticide and bodily harm in addition to the regular scares of ghosts and supernatural beasties in any good horror.

Time Codes

00:00:25 – Introductions
00:07:12 – Trailer
00:09:39 – Post movie discussions
01:28:48 – Scariest part
01:32:18 – Ratings/Would you watch again?
01:39:05 – Something to Cheer (Alex recommended Minari which is available for rent on Amazon Prime Video in Canada)
01:45:12 – Credits and Thanks.

Next week we are watching “The Grudge”

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The Strangers

This episode contains spoilers for the movie we are about to discuss.

It may strike you as odd but if someone knocks on your door at four in the morning asking for someone who doesn’t live there, I think it would be just fine to pretend you weren’t home. And maybe call someone at that point.

But then we wouldn’t have 2008’s The Strangers. Billie and the Boys discuss this movie, talk about the unexplainable nature of a truly random act of violence and investigate our own biases.


Time Codes
00:00:21 – Introduction
00:09:42 – Trailer
00:11:29 – Post Movie Discussion
01:19:32 – Unclockable Ad
01:21:20 – Scariest Part
01:28:05 – Ratings
01:33:06 – Would You Watch it Again
01:34:45 – Something to Cheer
01:39:24 – Show’s end.

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Next week we’re gonna go back into the spooky spooky haunted house genre with The Conjuring.

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This Episode Contains Spoilers!

It’s our 40th episode! We’re so excited to get into the movie. We’re talking about 2017s Pyewacket today. This Canadian horror entry brings the demonic spooks in spades. Billie and the boys chat about the cons and the other cons of summoning a spirit to kill your parent, mull over the ideas of how reality can be perceived and make enough Star Wars references to annoy just about everyone. Content Warning: The summoning ritual in this ritual depicts some self-harm in the form of cutting across a wrist. Please take care when watching this one, folks.

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Introductions and hellos
00:21:10 – Pyewacket Trailer
00:22:44 – Movie discussion
01:38:43 – Scariest Part of the Entire Movie (SPOTEM)
01:44:28 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:50:00 – Something to Cheer
01:54:29 – Thank yous/Credits/Social Media

Next week we’re watching The Strangers!

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Train to Busan

This Podcast Contains Spoilers.

Hop on the Train to Busan with this week’s episode of Nothing to Fear! We discuss this 2016 zombie/action movie and…..if you’ll pardon the pun….we get a little bit derailed.

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Time Codes are listed below
00:00:23 Intro
00:12:34 Trailer
00:13:55 Post Movie Chats!
01:10:04 Ad Break
01:24:14 Spoiler for Game of Thrones – Red Wedding Episode
01:31:49 Scariest Part of the Entire Movie
01:34:23 Ratings
01:39:55 Something to Cheer
01:43:35 Credits, End of Episode!

Next Week: Pyewacket!

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