A safe space to navigate the gender universe.

The Transverse is an organization focused on ensuring that trans, gender fluid, non-binary, and intersex folks at all stages in their journey have the support they need to accept themselves without shame and live happy, healthy, and full lives.

Through our media network, community, resources, and support services, our aim is to provide folks with a 360 degree structure that encourages trans folks, supports them, guides them, helps them, and loves them every step of the way.

Where to find us

Media Programming:

Twitch: www.twitch.tv/TheTransverse

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/thetransverse

The Transverse Community:

TTV Community Discord: https://discord.gg/TheTransverse

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thetransversenetwork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thetransversenetwork

The Transverse Executive Team

Emily (she/her)
Founder, President

Emily is Founder and President of The Transverse, an organization serving the TGNBNC+ community. 

A skilled artist and graphic designer with 20 years in the business, Emily came out as transgender in 2014 and quickly realized that her perception of what it would mean to both herself, and others, was way off. She set out to show other trans people they are not alone and living as their true self was possible. 

Following Chris Hardwick’s advice, Emily decided to “do a thing” and debuted The Transgender Show in June of 2020. She’s still going strong hosting the show every week and is working hard expanding the roster of shows and content available on The Transverse. In her spare time, she customizes and sells Star Wars Disneyland Droids from her DroidOutpost Etsy shop, works on her house, plays Fortnite with her friends, and takes trips to Disneyland and around the world whenever possible.

Where to watch her:
Transistance – Trans News Live: Monday nights
The Transgender Show – Tuesday nights
Builder’s Block – Wednesday nights (rotating host)
Valkyries: Thursdays & Fridays as Noon Pacific

Instagram: emilywouldgo
TikTok: emilywouldgo
Etsy: Droid Outpost

Rosa (she/her)
Director of Development

As Director of Development for The Transverse, Rosa is in charge of our various digital platforms.

Michelle (she/they)
Director of Media

As Director of Media, Michelle oversees all operations for the media network side of The Transverse, assisting all our talented creators in producing their shows, developing new streaming content, improving production quality, and much more.

Michelle brings a significant amount of knowledge in the media field, having earned a Bachelor of Film degree at Full Sail University, and an Associates degree in Broadcast Television from Brown.

Her wide range of professional experience includes work in the MSP News market with KSTP Channel 5 and KSTC Channel 45 in Minnesota. She’s filmed live concerts for radio station KS95 for such bands as the Goo Goo Dolls and Train, and was an Audio-Visual Specialist for Mystic Lake Casino/Hotel/Event Center providing live-event media setup and support for national corporations, major musical performers, and comedians. She is also an award-winning editor for her work on commercials, PSAs, and community-based programming for the City of Burnsville.

Michelle identifies as non-binary. With her knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, drive to help the community, and vision for how we can grow, expand, and improve the network, Michelle will help push The Transverse forward in our goals to provide representation, entertainment, information, and normalization to the TGNCNBI+ community.

Instagram: more.than.mimi
Twitch: morethanmimi
Twitter: morethanmimi
AllMyLinks: morethanmimi

Michelle Olson portrait

Founding The Transverse

Emily Michelle
Founder & President

Genevieve Bergman

Charlotte Danielle

The story of The Transverse began on June 8, 2020 when Emily interviewed MainlyMaddison for the first episode of The Transgender Show. Soon after she realized she wanted to grow the idea into a network of shows by, for, and featuring trans folks. Then, the vision grew again to creating an organization that provides safe space and resources, using the media network as a gateway into the support system. Later that year she caught the attention of Genevieve who saw potential in Emily’s vision, asked to join and set out to help build the organization. She brought in Charlotte who was given the task of building the community side of the organization while Emily focused on Media and Genevieve focused on business. Meanwhile, friends of Emily and former Transgender Show guests were joining in and helping with various aspects and the team began to grow. The group started throwing ideas around for a name and MiraDubDubs provided the winning idea.

The new organization was founded as an LLC in 2021. Rosa was made our official head of development (IT) and Dani head of the team of moderators. At the end of 2021 Genevieve left to pursue her own interests. Charlotte took over the business side, assigning her #1, Dani to run the community in her absence, while Emily brought Michelle on to help run the Media side of the org. In 2023 a restructured Transverse registered as a non-profit.

The Transverse, a safe space to navigate the gender universe.