This episode contains spoilers. SERIOUSLY. This movie came out in 2020 and we spoil a lot of it so make sure you watch this movie before you listen if you don’t want to have the plot spoiled. 

As if the Pandemic wasn’t tough enough, what happens if a bunch of your friends do a Zoom seance and then summon a demon? Sounds like a bit more risky than that lawyer who got the cat filter stuck on his screen, eh?

Get comfy, make sure your microphone is turned on and you’ve arranged your bookshelves for maximum Zoom cred.

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Society6 and TeePublic

Episode Timecodes
00:00:23 Introduction (Accidental Redwall Content)
00:05:54 Actual Introduction
00:15:03 Trailer
00:16:40 Post movie chats
00:51:40-00:52:00 TW: Suicide
01:13:20 Scariest Part of the Movie
01:19:14 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:26:10 Something to Cheer
01:31:51 End of the Show, Credits, Socials, Merch, Thank yous
Next Week: Luke’s Choice! You’re Next.

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