I Know What You Did Last Summer

This episode of the Nothing to Fear podcast contains spoilers for the movie we are discussing.

Take a trip back to those heady days right before the New Millennium as we visit the small fishing village of North Shore South Carolina. Or was it South Shore North Carolina? Who knows. Certainly not us. What we do know is that we watched I Know What You Did Last Summer and we had a great fun time talking about the stars, the plot and the fashion of those late 90s days. Join along, why don’t you.

Time Codes (as close as I can get them)
00:00:27 Introduction
00:09:15 Trailer
00:10:23 Post movie discussion
00:54:34 & 01:12:00 Small TWs for Suicide. Not too long
01:18:45 Scariest Part
01:20:28 Ratings
01:24:22 Something to Cheer
01:30:02 Credits

Next week we are watching “Us

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Insidious 2

This podcast contains SPOILERS and also a big Trigger warning. There is a large section of this movie that deals with gender presentation and the idea of a man in a dress as a serial killer and we talk about it. It’s a good conversation but it’s understandable if any of the trans and gender diverse part of the audience would like to skip it. Check the time codes and check in with yourself. We love you, listeners. In addition to that we spend some time discussion the manufacture of rocking horses, the importance of FOIP and a plea to let people use their regular accents in movies if they are not the best at impersonating another one.

Time codes
00:00:23 Introductions
00:11:48 Trailer

00:13:45 Post movie discussion
00:41:08-01:02:45 Talking about gender representation in movies and the weird twist this movie uses that is almost entirely negative to the plot.

01:28:22 SPOTEM

01:31:14 Ratings and would we watch again

01:41:41 Something to Cheer Section!

Next week we take a dive back into that wild wild time of the late 1990s and watch the meta movie to end all meta movies, Scream.

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50th Episode Bonus Bonanza!

Wow! Y’all. We hit a huge milestone for us with 50 episodes of Nothing to Fear.

In this very special bonus episode the hosts with the ghosts talk about their top five favourite movies that we’ve watched so far. Please do listen and enjoy! 

Note. There will likely be spoilers for MANY of the movies we have watched in the past year.

Thanks to everyone for being loyal listeners as we learn a bit how to put together a show. Can’t wait to see what the next 50 episodes have in store for us!

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The Lighthouse

This Podcast contains spoilers.

Have we been doing this show for 50 episodes or 2? No way to know but that won’t stop us from talking about Robert Eggers’ 2019 film, The Lighthouse. You may be asking yourself just how many times can three people say the word ‘Protean’ in a single podcast. You will have to listen along to answer that question.
Also, stay tuned for some special fun cameo appearances by Luke’s spooky door, his sister Joelle and, introducing, random dude who came to buy something they had put on kijiji. It’s certainly more fun than being mad at a one-eyed seagull that’s for sure.

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Episode Time Codes
00:00:23 – Introduction
00:07:35 – Trailer
00:08:57 – Post movie chats
00:42:28-00:45:00 – TW abuse/alcoholism talks
00:58:11-01:02:41 – TW alcoholism talks
01:28:08 – SPOTEM
01:29:55 – Ratings/Would you watch this again
01:37:26 – Something to Cheer
01:39:55 – Reviews/Thanks/Credits

Next week we are going a bit The Further and watching Insidious II. 2nsidious? Insid-two-us. We’ll work on it.

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The Descent

This podcast contains spoilers.

Grab your old, out of date climbing gear, throw away that guidebook and come down to explore some caves as a way to forget about the trauma of the last time you went on an adventure. This week we’re talkin about The Descent and, hoo boy, this episode has it all. Hunting for cheeseburgers, Billie threatening to quit the pod and a couple of Lord of the Rings references just to chance the flavour of nerdiness on here. Don’t worry. There’s still a Star Wars reference.

Time Codes
00:00:23 Hello, everyone!
00:12:35 Trailer
00:14:05 Movie chats
01:11:01 SPOTEM
01:15:16 Ratings
01:18:08 Something to Cheer
01:23:40 Reviews/Credits/Thank you

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Next week we’re taking a 19th Century ship to take up a four week long post on…. The Lighthouse

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His House

This podcast contains spoilers! And this is a 2020 film so consider your self warned.

Don’t worry. Nothing was stolen from an Apeth in order to record this episode. So we’re all good on that front. This is an interesting one for us here at NtF. Billed as a horror movie, we ask and try to answer the question, “Did this story NEED to be a horror movie?” You’ll have to listen to find out. This movie deals with a lot of heavy topics around immigration, refugees, loss and PTSD so it may be on the heavier side, content wise. It’s a clever take on a horror movie to mix it in with the trauma of fleeing war torn regions of the world and settling in a land that seems hostile and confusing in different and unexpected ways. We hope that you enjoy!

Time Codes
00:00:23 Introduction
00:07:39 Trailer
00:09:49 Post Movie Discussion
01:35:55 Scariest Part (SPOTEM)
01:42:28 Ratings (out of broken window handles this week)
01:46:12 Something to Cheer Section
01:50:13 Credits/Thanks/Reviews

Next week we are watching The Descent!

If you would like to support one of the agencies that works to help out refugees in various parts of the world, follow the links below. As always, you are encouraged to do your own research to see how well these agencies align with your own personal values.
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

International Rescue Committee (IRC) (US based)

Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) (Not Creedence Clearwater Revival) (Canadian based)

The Hummingbird Project (UK Based)

Other agencies are available.

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Disclaimer: Hi, Billie here. There is a bit of funky sound things in this episode. For some reason Luke’s mic kept dropping his volume throughout the recording. I tried my best to correct it as much as I could but it may be a bit funky! Thank you, listeners!

This podcast contains spoilers for the 1990 movie Tremors!

Join Billie, Alex and Luke as we discuss this very campy, very silly movie about two boys and their struggle with big ole worms. No innuendo here, friends. Check the time codes for the episode sections and let us know on Instagram (@nothingtofearpodcast) how you liked the show!

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Time Codes
00:00:23 – Intro/Light Blasphemy
00:04:28 – Movie Intro
00:11:09 – Trailer
00:12:53 – Post movie chats
01:07:15 – Ad for Unclockable
01:11:00 – Scariest Part
01:13:15 – Ratings
01:18:11 – Something to Cheer
01:22:28 – Show credits

Next week Alex has picked the 2020 film “His House” for our viewing and podcasting entertainment.

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You’re Next

This episode contains spoilers for the movie we’re discussing.

Luke got to choose today’s entry and he picked the 2011, Adam Wingard film, You’re Next. Join us as we talk about family dynamics, the need to robust social and therapy service networks and talk about one of the goofiest kills in a horror movie we’ve ever seen. Just a head’s up here, folks. This movie is real gory and over the top and we talk a bit about it. Enjoy!

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Time Codes
00:00:30 Intro
00:07:33 Trailer
00:08:55 Movie Discussion
01:05:49 Ad Break – Thank you to Unclockable for the sponsorship. Use promo code ‘NEVERFEAR’
01:17:24 Scariest Part
01:27:31 Ratings/Would You Rewatch
01:31:40 Something to Cheer
01:39:19 Credits

Next week we are watching 1990’s Tremors

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This episode contains spoilers. SERIOUSLY. This movie came out in 2020 and we spoil a lot of it so make sure you watch this movie before you listen if you don’t want to have the plot spoiled. 

As if the Pandemic wasn’t tough enough, what happens if a bunch of your friends do a Zoom seance and then summon a demon? Sounds like a bit more risky than that lawyer who got the cat filter stuck on his screen, eh?

Get comfy, make sure your microphone is turned on and you’ve arranged your bookshelves for maximum Zoom cred.

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Episode Timecodes
00:00:23 Introduction (Accidental Redwall Content)
00:05:54 Actual Introduction
00:15:03 Trailer
00:16:40 Post movie chats
00:51:40-00:52:00 TW: Suicide
01:13:20 Scariest Part of the Movie
01:19:14 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:26:10 Something to Cheer
01:31:51 End of the Show, Credits, Socials, Merch, Thank yous
Next Week: Luke’s Choice! You’re Next.

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BONUS Ma Mini-sode with Scotty Landes

Join Billie as she heads out on her own for another Nothing to Fear Mini-sode. Today she is chatting with writer, Scotty Landes (Workaholics, Ma, The Bananas Podcast) about the movie that he wrote!

It was a super chill chat where we talked horror, the creative process, a bit about how movies get made and a great many things. Please enjoy and when you’re done, check out The Bananas Podcast for weird news stories told by two absolute gems. The Bananas Podcast makes their home on the Exactly Right Podcast Network.

Thanks, Scotty, for taking time out of your day to chat to me, making me feel very comfortable and at home in the interviewer seat and talking about how movies get made! We can’t wait to see what you’re working on next! 

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