This Podcast contains spoilers (BUT that doesn’t super matter) (Also we don’t really spoil that much)

Continuing on our Birthday Celebration episodes with Alex’s birthday we take a look at 1993’s Leprechaun. So get your bangs teased to the utmost and find your purple vest because we got a whole bag of gold coins that we found next to a shiny green hat and a some buckled shoes. What could go wrong? 

Even though this movie wasn’t very good, we have a lot of fun going on tangents and we get to plug some cool podcasts. Check them out after this episode is over! Smartless and I Hate it but I Love it (IHIBILI, everyone!). Also Here is the scene from Winners & Sinners that Alex mentions.

There is especially Nothing to Fear with this movie, friends.

 Time Codes

00:00:23 – Introductions and Pre-movie chats
00:08:17 – Trailer
00:08:45 – Post-Movie Chats
00:59:08 – SPOTEM
01:02:30 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again?
01:05:45 – Something to Cheer
01:08:30 – Reviews/Shoutouts
01:11:34 – Merch Shops! Society6 and TeePublic
01:12:30 – Socials! (Instagram: @nothingtofearpodcast; Twitter: @NothingtoFearp1; email: nothingtofearpodcast@gmail.com; Billie’s Instagram: @billie_by_design; Luke’s Podcast: Really True Fiction
01:14:25 – Credits/Next Week (Fright Night!)

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