Fright Night

This Episode Contains Spoilers!

Continuing birthday month, Billie celebrates by making the guys watch 1985’s Fright Night. We really…….uh…..we really sink our teeth into this movie. The discussion gets very…..time warpey but it’s all good fun. Join us as we talk about Vampires, Chris Sarandon roles and the power of believing in yourself. This might be the most motivational episode of the podcast yet (no it isn’t). Enjoy! Oh! But also check out You’re Wrong About. Great podcast that Billie may or may not use for her something to cheer (No spoilies)

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Show Introduction
00:08:25 – Trailer
00:09:44 – Post Trailer Chats
01:21:10 – Final Thoughts
01:27:27 – SPOTEM
01:29:35 – Ratings
01:32:42 – Would You Watch it Again
01:34:40 – Something to Cheer
01:40:02 – Reviews/Thank Yous/Merchandise
01:42:34 – Credits/Show Plugs
01:45:18 – Next Week (Hellraiser)

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