Children of the Corn

This Podcast contains Spoilers.

Come on down to the wide, open spaces of rural Nebraska this week. The NtF squad is heading to a small town called Gatlin to interview this new religion run by, of all things, children. It should be fine though. Kids are pretty friendly towards Outlanders right? 

Friends, it should be noted that this movie is NOT The Village of the Damned like Billie AND Luke thought it was. But we dive back into the world of Stephen King and his take on religious zealotry, ill-defined supernatural beings and all the corn you can shuck.

Take a look at the Time Codes below to see all the different segments.

Time Codes
00:00:23 Introductions and Hellos and trigger warning website
00:12:40 Trailer
00:13:57 Movie Discussion
01:28:11 SPOTEM
01:30:20 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:33:45 Something to Cheer
01:37:38 Reviews
01:39:15 Merch Teepublic and Society6
01:40:31 Credits/Next Week: My Bloody Valentine.

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