My Bloody Valentine

This Podcast Contains Spoilers!

This week we are talking about 1981’s My Bloody Valentine. Canadian Film, Holiday themed horror movie, late 70s/ early 80s? Sounds a lot like Black Christmas. Maybe some day we’ll do an Easter horror movie.

Please check the time codes for information on this week’s episode including additional spoilers if you wish to skip ahead.

Time Codes
00:00:23 Show Starts
00:10:43 Trailer
00:12:23 Movie discussion
00:37:30-00:37:45 *Spoiler for Scream*
00:52:21-00:53:00 *Spoiler for Rise of Skywalker*
01:14:55 Scariest Part of The Entire Movie
01:17:00 Ratings
01:20:00 Would You Watch Again
01:22:23 Something to Cheer
01:27:50 End of the Show
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Thanks for listening. Next week we’re watching Child’s Play!

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