This Episode Contains Spoilers! *Seriously* If you are at all interested in watching this movie spoiler free do not listen to the episode before you do so. You have been warned.

Alex, Billie and Luke dive into the twisted and brutal world of Jigsaw to talk about 2004’s Saw. Join us as we talk about Saw, the early 2000s and the unique twist on the horror genre that spawned the sub-genre of Gore porn. Is that right? We aren’t experts, we’re just watching some movies and having some scares and then talking about it.

Check out the movie that Luke recommended The Vast of Night, available on Amazon Prime in Canada. We aren’t sponsored by it, but it’s a good movie!

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Introductions
00:08:07 – Trailer
00:10:00 – 2nd half movie discussion
01:39:49 – SPOTEM/Ratings/WYWA
01:48:39 – Something to Cheer
01:54:10 – End of show/credits and all of that.

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Next week we’re heading to a slice of small town Americana watching another Stephen King adaptation with ‘The Children of the Corn.’ 

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