This Episode Contains Spoilers!

It’s our 40th episode! We’re so excited to get into the movie. We’re talking about 2017s Pyewacket today. This Canadian horror entry brings the demonic spooks in spades. Billie and the boys chat about the cons and the other cons of summoning a spirit to kill your parent, mull over the ideas of how reality can be perceived and make enough Star Wars references to annoy just about everyone. Content Warning: The summoning ritual in this ritual depicts some self-harm in the form of cutting across a wrist. Please take care when watching this one, folks.

Time Codes
00:00:23 – Introductions and hellos
00:21:10 – Pyewacket Trailer
00:22:44 – Movie discussion
01:38:43 – Scariest Part of the Entire Movie (SPOTEM)
01:44:28 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:50:00 – Something to Cheer
01:54:29 – Thank yous/Credits/Social Media

Next week we’re watching The Strangers!

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