The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This Podcast contains spoilers! 

In this week’s horror outing, Billie, Luke and Alex take a trip to rural Texas, taking in the sights, talking to the locals, visiting unique furniture craftsmen and sampling the local cuisine with Leatherface as our guide. Sure he’s a bit free with the chain sawing and he’s not much for words but there’s nothing like seeing a place with a local as your tour guide. (end sarcasm)

We’re talking all about the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre this week! Tobe Hooper directs a chilling film that leaves the group confused, spooked and thoroughly entertained. Here’s hoping this podcast does the trick as well.

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Here are some time codes!

00:00:00 Start!

00:00:23 Pre movie chats and chain saw noises

00:07:41 Trailer

00:08:37 Post movie chat and more chain saw noises

01:14:36 What was YOUR scariest part

01:16:00 Ratings/Would we watch it again

01:20:30 Something to Cheer

01:25:05 Review/Social Media/Credits (and a bit more chain saw noise for good measure)

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The VVitch

This Podcast contains Spoilers!

This week, on Nothing to Fear, the crew takes a look into the 2015 directorial debut of Robert Eggers with The VVitch. Join us as we discuss this tense, creepy slice of life movie set in 1600s New England. You may ask yourself, are we going to speak in period accents the whole time? Well, List well all ye, verily we speakst true and pure. Ugh. No way. We are not that committed to a bit. However we do talk about Children’s educator Mr Slim Goodbody for way longer than I ever thought we would. So there’s that.

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Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro Music

00:00:22 Pre movie chats

00:09:51 Trailer

00:11:21 Movie breakdown

01:15:00 Ratings/Would you watch again?

01:19:20 Something to Cheer

01:24:52 Reviews

01:26:45 What are we watching next (Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

01:27:05 End Credits

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Silent Hill

This podcast contains spoilers for the movie, Silent Hill.

Shh. Everyone be quiet. This week, Luke, Billie and, Alex drive on out to West Virginia to an elevated town where everything is pretty quiet. Join us as we make siren noises, ponder as to whether or not a good movie based on a video game will ever be made and get creeped out by an old, spooky church leader. Stick around for Something to Cheer at the end

*Note* I refer to Kieth Urban as being from New Zealand at one point. He’s Australian. I was thinking of Karl Urban who is from New Zealand.

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro Music

00:00:23 Pre movie discussion

00:07:52 Trailer

00:09:30 Post movie discussion

01:29:40 Ratings

01:36:02 Something to Cheer

01:42:09 Reviews, Social Media and Credits

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Event Horizon

The team over at Nothing to Fear, blasted off into space this week to spend some good quality time with the crew of the Lewis and Clark as we discuss the 1997 space horror movie, Event Horizon. 

There are spoilers in this episode for the movie we are discussing and potentially other small things cropping up along the way. Probably Star Wars. It’s fairly safe to assume there’ll be a Star Wars reference and spoiler in there at some stage. 

If you want to get a head’s up on any potential triggers in the episode, head on over to Does the Dog Die to prepare yourselves.

Time Codes

00:00:00 Does the dog die blurb

00:00:52 Intro Song

00:01:12 Introductions and pre-movie chat

00:07:27 Trailer

00:08:19 Post movie discussion

01:22:52 Ratings

01:27:12 Something to Cheer

01:31:06 Ratings, reviews and social medias

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This Episode contains Spoilers!

Hey, friends. We have tried to give people a head’s up on some of the content in the podcasts to be sensitive to people’s potential triggers. We haven’t always got it 100% of the time. I wanted to highlight a site that is maybe good to check out if you’re worried about the content of the podcast. is a great site (and app) that lets you know about any triggers in movies. All you do is type in the movie you’re gonna watch or the one we talk about and it highlights the triggers contained within. So if someone dies, or there is abuse, or the death of a dog (hence the name), or drug use, or anything (even death of a dragon), it’ll tell you! If you’re worried give that site a look before listening so you know what you’re getting into.

Episode 10!! Woo! Hard to believe we’ve kept this thing going for 10 weeks already. What a delight. In today’s episode we talk about the 2012 Ethan Hawke horror entry; “Sinister”. We discuss the pursuit of a career over family, the rationale of the true crime fan and Murderino culture as well as getting around to talking about the movie.

Time Codes:

00:00:00 blurb

00:00:52 Intro Music

00:01:14 Introductions and pre movie chat

00:22:29 Trailer

00:24:07 Post movie discussion

01:50:14 Something to Cheer

01:54:53 Reviews, shout outs and credits

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Shout out to the Faculty of Horror Podcast for some really good academic horror discussion.

Shout outs to My Favorite Murder and the Heaven’s Gate Podcast for feeding my own true crime desires. Check them out if you’re fascinated by the darkest sides of humanity.

Thanks for listening, everyone. You’re all our favourite listener.

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Army of Darkness

Listener Beware, this podcast contains spoilers for the movie we are discussing. 

Alex, Billie and Luke wrap up our first back to back to back trilogy of “horror” with 1987’s Army of Darkness.

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The Evil Dead 2

This podcast contains spoilers!

Luke, Billie and Alex dive into the madcap world of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2. We talk about dream logic, unreliable narration and the sheer elasticity of Bruce Campbell’s whole body. Listen along to see if THIS week Billie remembers not to bang against the mic stand? (Spoiler alert: she doesn’t) Grab your chainsaw hand, board up the doors and join us for Evil Dead 2!

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The Evil Dead

This podcast contains spoilers! 

Also. Content Warning: There is a scene in the movie we watched that depicts a sexual assault. And now you know.

Join in with the madness of this episode as Alex brings “fun” “facts” to the intro segment, Luke struggles to believe that the trilogy is going to get better and Billie tries to keep everything on track. But she doesn’t try that hard. Come along with us to a 0-star cabin in the Tennessee woods and join us for a 5-star podcast all about Sam Raimi’s 1981 horror/splatter genre entry The Evil Dead. Wait around to the end to see what we’re cheering this week and please do enjoy

This will be part one of a three part series on the Evil Dead franchise.

Towards the end of the episode there is a VERY small spoiler for Star Wars Episode IX. Just.. don’t @ us. Unless you want to say nice things!

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The Babadook

This podcast contains spoilers!

Content Warning: Hey, everyone. In today’s episode we talk a bit about depression, suicide and other topics bordering on mental health. If you, or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues please seek out resources local to your area. We have included a couple of nation-wide resources below. Click through to find phone and text numbers, as well as email options.

This week we talk about the 2010 Australian horror flick, The Babadook. Billie, Alex and Luke try to parse this very twisted and psychological entry into the horror canon. Billie finally understands the memes around Mister Babadook and we discover why Alex is history’s greatest monster.



Babadook as a Queer Icon – Rolling Stone Article

Also. The audio drama continues. Billie’s microphone stand was failing during the recording. She tried to edit out all the bumps and bangs but there were some that could not be removed. We apologize for any audio discomfort. 

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The Thing

This Podcast Contains Spoilers!

The Trio settles in to discuss the 1982 John Carpenter creature feature “The Thing”. Billie finally understands why 1980s Kurt Russell was indeed a “megahunk” (and still is), Luke confuses everyone with a lot of talk about the Theory of Mind and Alex makes one of the clunkiest segues of all time. Grab a parka, poke at a petri dish full of blood with a hot piece of metal and join us as we discuss The Thing!

PS. There are very light spoilers for Teen Titans Go! to the Movies in this episode.

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