This episode contains spoilers for the movie we are discussing!

This week the Nothing to Fear trio had the opportunity to record our episode as part of a ride along with the local fire department. Safe to say that things got a bit weird and editing out all the screams and death was a challenge. But we’re professionals so we make it work!

We’re talking about the 2007 Spanish Language horror movie, REC. Billie gets super duper scared, Alex works on coming up with word play and Luke bridges the gap between this movie and it’s American counterpart called Quarantine.

Join us all! And if you like hearing my voice and want to listen to a podcast where I am a guest, take a listen of the latest episode of Really True Fiction. I sit down with Luke and his cousin David as we talk for close to three hours about the Stephen Kind, post-plague survival novel The Stand. It was a ton of fun. Click through to follow the link!

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Thank you to Alex Wan for the musical sting for our podcast. He’s great.


00:00:00 Start of Episode

00:00:24 Intro and pre-movie discussion

00:08:09 Trailer (be advised that I had to find an English language trailer so that it would work for this format)

00:09:42 Post movie discussion

01:18:37 Ratings out of 5 Zomboes

01:26:10 Something to Cheer

01:32:12 Reviews!

01:34:00 Plug for Really True Fiction guest Starring Billie!

01:35:52 Social Media info

01:37:12 What are we watching next week (Halloween Spooktacular!)

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