Halloween (1978)

Spooky Halloween (season), Everyone! 

This week we are embarking on a 4 week adventure into the horror film legacy that is the Halloween franchise. We’re talking about John Carpenter’s original entry which introduces us to Michael Myers and his creepy, silent, relentless killing behaviour. Obviously, as with every podcast there will be spoilers for this movie (and probably some others). For the month of October we are going to be selecting different entries of the Halloween franchise ranging from the good ones, to…..less good ones (cough. season of the witch).

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Time Codes

00:00:00 Episode Theme

00:00:24 Introductions and pre movie chats

00:07:17 Halloween Trailer

00:08:21 Post movie chats

01:05:23 What was the scariest part

01:14:15 What are we rating it out of this week/would we watch it again

01:17:45 Something to Cheer

01:21:05 Podcast review section

01:22:22 Social Media plugs, credits

01:25:01 What are we watching next week

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