Halloween 2

There are spoilers in this episode!!!

Spooky Halloween season continues, friends with our mini-series on the Halloween movie franchise. To keep ourselves from getting confused we picked the first of the direct sequels as we join Michael Myers on that same Halloween night in… 1979? No, 1978 as he goes along his merry way stabbing and murdering and being inexplicably invisible to the citizens of Haddonfield Illinois. Listen now to find out what WE thought of the movie and tell us what YOU think. Send us a DM on Instagram @nothingtofearpodcast, a tweet @nothingtofearp1 or an email at nothingtofearpodcast@gmail.com or send ME a DM over there on the Instas @billie_by_design. We love hearing from you.

Thanks to Alex for the theme music as always. Ya nailed it again. Do you know he plays it live every time?

Thank you so much to Katie Rogers @put_thatdown for all your great work designing the logo and helping me with merch!

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Time Codes

00:00:00 Start of Ep

00:00:22 Pre movie chats

00:06:54 Trailer

00:08:13 Post movie discussion

01:02:40 Scariest Part

01:07:35 Ratings

01:10:24 Something to Cheer

01:16:12 Review Section

01:17:20 Credits

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