Halloween (2018)

Halloween Spooktacular continues with our Third entry into that sprawling Franchise. Listener beware, there be spoilers in the pod. 

Halloween 2018 is a retcon sequel which completely obliterates every movie in between the one from 1978 and 2018. We chat about it! We make jokes about it! We all wear Michael Myers masks for the whole recording but don’t mention it or bring it up at all! Please download wherever you get your pods and listen to your heart’s content.

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Happy Halloween and join us next week when we tackle the weirdest movie in the franchise, Halloween III: The Season of the Witch

Time Codes

00:00:00 Episode Start

00:00:23 Intro/Chats

00:09:24 Trailer

00:11:35 Post movie chats

01:08:17 What was the Scariest Part?

01:11:14 Ratings out of

01:16:50 Would we watch it again?

01:18:06 Something to Cheer!

01:23:21 – Special Shout out to Julia Prescott and Round Springfield for the tips on editing. You are a lovely human being, Julia

01:24:38 – Audience Review

01:26:46 Social Media/Credits

01:29:53 What’s coming next week? Halloween III

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