Halloween 3 – The Season of the Witch

This Podcast Contains Spoilers!

We round out our Halloween Spooktacular with a strange departure and possible alternate universe of Halloween films with Halloween 3: The Season of the Witch. Join the NtF trio as they explore the mysteries of the Silver Shamrock company, their line of Halloween Masks, and a shocking rise in reports of exceedingly boring looking men in drab suits. This movie has it all and this podcast tries its very best to capture the madness. Tune in!

Thank you as always to Alex Wan for the writing of the music and thank you to Katie Rogers for your lovely work on the podcast logo. Go follow Katie @put_thatdown to see what else she’s drawing up!

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Time Codes:

00:00:00 Song begins

00:00:23 Intro and pre-movie chats

00:07:45 Trailer

00:09:49 Post-Movie discussion and a lot of jingles

01:13:26 The Scariest Part

01:15:58 Ratings

01:21:13 Would You Watch Again

01:22:00 Something to Cheer

01:27:55 Rating/Review/Shout out/Credits

01:30:01 Social Media accounts

01:32:17 What We’re Watching Next Week. 

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