This podcast contains spoilers!!

Well. Here it is. It finally happened. We watched Hereditary. Talk about a spooky ooky film! But we did it. And we couldn’t be more excited to talk about it. We also touch on our experience with the Horror movie genre as this is our 20th episode. Buckle up for an extra long episode filled with insight, comedy and your, now to be expected, Star Wars reference.

And that’s Hereditary!

Time Codes 

00:00:00 Theme Song

00:00:23 Intro and pre-movie chat discussion

00:19:33 Trailer

00:21:30 Post-movie discussion

01:56:58 What was the scariest part?

02:02:47 Ratings/Would we watch again

02:07:27 Something to Cheer

02:12:03 Listener Review

02:13:08 Social Media Plugs/Credits

02:14:09 What are we watching next week (The Cabin in the Woods)

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