The Cabin in the Woods

This Podcast Contains Spoilers!

The Nothing to Fear gang kicks off Season Two of the show with a delightfully comedic romp that is Cabin in the Woods. Luke counts how many horror tropes they use in the movie but loses count around 2 billion, Alex ruminates on how much more enjoyable this movie was since we watched it after seeing so many horror films and Billie fools everyone by making them think that she was involved with sports when she was really talking about halloween candy. 

See if you can catch a cameo voice from the absolutely lovely Kellee Cahill. Only the sharpest eared listeners will be able to tell.

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Time Codes for the Show

00:00:23 Introductions and Welcome

00:07:37 Trailer

00:09:25 Post movie chats

01:03:33 What was the scariest part

01:08:03 Ratings

01:11:38 Something to Cheer

01:15:44 Review segment

01:18:45 Socials

01:19:30 Credits

01:20:08 Next week: It Chapter One

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