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Hey, friends. We have tried to give people a head’s up on some of the content in the podcasts to be sensitive to people’s potential triggers. We haven’t always got it 100% of the time. I wanted to highlight a site that is maybe good to check out if you’re worried about the content of the podcast. is a great site (and app) that lets you know about any triggers in movies. All you do is type in the movie you’re gonna watch or the one we talk about and it highlights the triggers contained within. So if someone dies, or there is abuse, or the death of a dog (hence the name), or drug use, or anything (even death of a dragon), it’ll tell you! If you’re worried give that site a look before listening so you know what you’re getting into.

Episode 10!! Woo! Hard to believe we’ve kept this thing going for 10 weeks already. What a delight. In today’s episode we talk about the 2012 Ethan Hawke horror entry; “Sinister”. We discuss the pursuit of a career over family, the rationale of the true crime fan and Murderino culture as well as getting around to talking about the movie.

Time Codes:

00:00:00 blurb

00:00:52 Intro Music

00:01:14 Introductions and pre movie chat

00:22:29 Trailer

00:24:07 Post movie discussion

01:50:14 Something to Cheer

01:54:53 Reviews, shout outs and credits

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Shout out to the Faculty of Horror Podcast for some really good academic horror discussion.

Shout outs to My Favorite Murder and the Heaven’s Gate Podcast for feeding my own true crime desires. Check them out if you’re fascinated by the darkest sides of humanity.

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