Event Horizon

The team over at Nothing to Fear, blasted off into space this week to spend some good quality time with the crew of the Lewis and Clark as we discuss the 1997 space horror movie, Event Horizon. 

There are spoilers in this episode for the movie we are discussing and potentially other small things cropping up along the way. Probably Star Wars. It’s fairly safe to assume there’ll be a Star Wars reference and spoiler in there at some stage. 

If you want to get a head’s up on any potential triggers in the episode, head on over to Does the Dog Die to prepare yourselves.

Time Codes

00:00:00 Does the dog die blurb

00:00:52 Intro Song

00:01:12 Introductions and pre-movie chat

00:07:27 Trailer

00:08:19 Post movie discussion

01:22:52 Ratings

01:27:12 Something to Cheer

01:31:06 Ratings, reviews and social medias

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