Silent Hill

This podcast contains spoilers for the movie, Silent Hill.

Shh. Everyone be quiet. This week, Luke, Billie and, Alex drive on out to West Virginia to an elevated town where everything is pretty quiet. Join us as we make siren noises, ponder as to whether or not a good movie based on a video game will ever be made and get creeped out by an old, spooky church leader. Stick around for Something to Cheer at the end

*Note* I refer to Kieth Urban as being from New Zealand at one point. He’s Australian. I was thinking of Karl Urban who is from New Zealand.

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro Music

00:00:23 Pre movie discussion

00:07:52 Trailer

00:09:30 Post movie discussion

01:29:40 Ratings

01:36:02 Something to Cheer

01:42:09 Reviews, Social Media and Credits

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