The VVitch

This Podcast contains Spoilers!

This week, on Nothing to Fear, the crew takes a look into the 2015 directorial debut of Robert Eggers with The VVitch. Join us as we discuss this tense, creepy slice of life movie set in 1600s New England. You may ask yourself, are we going to speak in period accents the whole time? Well, List well all ye, verily we speakst true and pure. Ugh. No way. We are not that committed to a bit. However we do talk about Children’s educator Mr Slim Goodbody for way longer than I ever thought we would. So there’s that.

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Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro Music

00:00:22 Pre movie chats

00:09:51 Trailer

00:11:21 Movie breakdown

01:15:00 Ratings/Would you watch again?

01:19:20 Something to Cheer

01:24:52 Reviews

01:26:45 What are we watching next (Texas Chain Saw Massacre)

01:27:05 End Credits

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