Take a trip to the Izu Peninsula in Japan with the Nothing to Fear squad! We are talking all about 1998’s J-Horror classic, Ring. We ask if you would chant Bloody Mary in the mirror, debate the likelihood of the spirit world and how it can impact on our lives and gently remind Luke that Master Chief isn’t going to be in this one until we realize that Sadako was just creating the world’s first chain letter. Enjoy!

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Time Codes for the episode
00:00:23 Introductions and pre-movie chats
00:07:30 Trailer (sorry! No English version found!)
00:08:19 Post movie discussion
01:13:55 SPOTEM
01:16:45 Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:21:07 Something to Cheer
01:26:02 Review/Socials/Merch/Credits
01:30:13 Next Week!

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