A Nightmare on Elm Street

Let’s all sing a slowed down nursery rhyme and grab an extra cup of hidden triple espresso because not even Sleeptime is Safety! (Just Daytime). The Pod takes a trip to “Ohio” to visit Elm Street as we talk about A Nightmare on Elm Street!

Get your finger knives sharp and find out where you stashed your green and red sweater and have a listen along! Just don’t ask Glen to wake you up ever.

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Time Codes
00:00:23 Introductions
00:09:13 Trailer
00:10:22 Second half discussion
01:33:00 SPOTEM
01:35:25 Ratings
forgot this :I Would We Watch Again (yes probably)
01:40:03 Something to Cheer
01:44:00 Shout outs/Merch/Plugs
01:48:09 Next Week’s Episode (Ring)

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