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This Podcast contains spoilers.

The Nothing to Fear Squad takes a glance a movie all about an evil entity with a Two-Letter name. But this one never turned into a clown even once and Billie didn’t get it. Listen on as Alex patiently tries to get her to understand, we pitch an award winning tv show idea and Luke shares a musical recommendation “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” by Brand New.

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00:00:23 Intro to the episode
00:09:29 Trailer
00:10:24 Post Trailer Chats
01:06:18 SPOTEM (Scariest Part of the Entire Movie)
01:18:48 Ratings
01:25:35 Would You Watch Again
01:28:53 Something to Cheer
01:33:24 Shout outs
01:36:05 Social Media Info
01:38:00 What Are We Watching Next – A Nightmare on Elm Street

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