It Chapter Two

This Podcast contains Spoilers!

It Chapter Two takes place 27 years after the first chapter. The movie was released a YEAR after the first one. But we’re impatient at Nothing to Fear so the gap is only one week long. We’re diving back into the sewers of Derry, Maine to confront our fears, drag them out in the daylight and reveal them to be much less powerful than we perceive. 

NOW. There is the depiction of a very horrifying homophobic attack that opens the film as well as a character that suicides, so please take that as a content warning for the discussion of the episode. No worries if you need to skip around or sit this one out. As usual we have as many time codes as we can for y’all to jump to where you need. And those happen right now.

00:00:23 – Pre movie chats
00:07:28 – Trailer
00:09:21 – Post movie long discussion and discussion about the opening of the film (TW: Homophobia, Violence towards LGBTQ people)
00:20:16 AND 00:46:15 – More content warning around suicide and suicidality
01:52:48 – SPOTEM (Scariest Part Of The Entire Movie)
01:55:14 – Ratings/Would You Watch Again
01:58:12 – Something to Cheer
02:01:35 – Reviews/Shout Out
02:03:02 Social Media/Credits
02:04:55 What are we watching next week

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