It Chapter One

This Podcast contains spoilers!! And, As a bonus trigger warning just for those eagle eyed listeners who read these notes, THERE are some discussions about sexual assault in this episode. So. You are warned. There is also an audio clue for you to prep yourself. So, you go in as armed as you can be. On to the show notes!

The Nothing to Fear Team headed to Maine in the 80s to check out some weird happenings in the small town of Derry. There we met this random group of kids who were, to varying degrees, adorable and annoying and then watch them get harassed by a spooky clown. Then we talk about it! 

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Thanks for listening, all!

Time Codes

00:00:23 Show starts

00:09:06 Trailer

00:10:29 Post movie discussion

00:58:12 Talkin about Beverley’s plot arc and therefore an additional Sexual Assault trigger warning

01:37:38 Scariest Part Of The Entire Movie (SPOTEM)

01:40:48 Ratings

01:43:22 Would You Watch Again?

01:45:16 Something to Chher

01:51:23 Review and Shoutouts

01:53:08 Credits

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