Grab your biggest egg nog, make sure your stockings are hung and remember to keep the spirit of fellowship and good will around or else you’ll be visited by THIS podcast. We’re talking about 2015’s Krampus! Join Billie, Alex and Luke underneath the Christmas tree as we dive into this confusing mess of a movie. Part-horror movie, part family comedy, and it comes together about as well as putting peas in guacamole. We still have a fun old time unwrapping this one, folks. It’s gonna be a good time!

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Time Codes
00:00:23 Introductions and Show Opening
00:09:42 Trailer
00:11:14 Post Movie Chats
01:06:53 SPOTEM
01:08:55 Ratings
01:11:02 Would You Watch it Again
01:12:22 Something to Cheer
01:16:49 Merch/Socials/Plugs
01:19:00 Next Week’s Show

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