Get Out


We close our very first calendar year at Nothing to Fear with a Mega-sized episode discussing all the ins and outs of Get Out. Even though Billie is 3 years late to the party on this Jordan Peele directorial debut, she can’t actually shut up about it. You’ll have to permit a little bit of preaching to the choir but it’s real good! And, what better sentiment to send off the year. Get Out, 2020. Just get out. We hope you all have a very lovely New Year and if you have loved our show, please help us grow but rating and reviewing us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen, tell your friends about us and if you’ve got some extra coins, head on over to our TeePublic Shop and pick up some sweet sweet merch with our logo and with our Daytime is Safety design. 

That’s going to do it for us for 2020 but we won’t be taking a week off at all, we’re ready to start with a bumper year for 2021 and make sure you listen to the end of this one for more info (hint: another bonus episode!)

As usual, here are the time codes

00:00:23 – Introduction and Welcome
00:09:44 – Trailer
00:11:25 – Post Movie discussion
01:57:24 – SPOTEM
02:00:30 – Ratings and Would you watch again
02:05:13 – 30 episode check in – How is our relationship to horror?
02:12:13 – Something to Cheer
02:16:09 – Thank yous, and Credits
02:18:41 – Review and Social Media
02:20:28 – Next YEAR! – Pet Sematary

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