You’re Next

This episode contains spoilers for the movie we’re discussing.

Luke got to choose today’s entry and he picked the 2011, Adam Wingard film, You’re Next. Join us as we talk about family dynamics, the need to robust social and therapy service networks and talk about one of the goofiest kills in a horror movie we’ve ever seen. Just a head’s up here, folks. This movie is real gory and over the top and we talk a bit about it. Enjoy!

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Time Codes
00:00:30 Intro
00:07:33 Trailer
00:08:55 Movie Discussion
01:05:49 Ad Break – Thank you to Unclockable for the sponsorship. Use promo code ‘NEVERFEAR’
01:17:24 Scariest Part
01:27:31 Ratings/Would You Rewatch
01:31:40 Something to Cheer
01:39:19 Credits

Next week we are watching 1990’s Tremors

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