All On the Table is our tabletop gaming show for the transgender and greater LGBT community, featuring exciting and fun TTRPG and table games. We have live games on Twitch featuring rotating teams of GMs and players, and soon will have edited sessions on YouTube.

Games we’ve featured

Thirsty Sword LesbiansApril Kit WalshEvil Hat ProductionsGen Giggles
The Camp Clearwater MasacreDMDaveIndependentDM Lauren
The Dread Pumpkin is RisingDM LaurenDM Charlie GamingDM Lauren
The Witch is DeadGrant HowittIndependentDana Priebe
Nice MarinesGrant HowittIndependentDana Priebe
Fae AdventuresJuniperIndependentJuniper
Brindlewood BayMultipleThe GauntletDana Priebe
The WreckersDM LaurenDM Charlie GamingDM Lauren

Open Casting Call!

Do you love TTRPGs and want to be part of a great transgender and LGBT show? Sign up now for your chance to either play in or run our exciting games.

The Transverse is looking for 4-5 individuals to be Game Masters and 15-20 Players for season 2 which begins March 2023. All individuals need to be over 18 years old. Experience with TTRPGs or improv and a willingness to learn a game is expected.

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Our GMs

Gen Giggles

Dana Priebe

Dana is a 50 year old trans woman, housewife, and dilettante. She’s been involved with TTRPGs, either playing, running, or writing them for over 40 years now. She also co-wrote with her wife a book on how to write, run, and play LARPs which includes an full game system. However, her current project is my streaming show Drinking with Dana on her YouTube and Twitch channels, but you can find links to all her projects here: