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Amplifying the voice of Humanism to the world.

There is so much going on in the world that can be down right depressing. But, for FreedomFolx, we don´t have much of a choice, we have to keep going on. Join us Tuesdays to recharge with Jé Exodus Hooper as we keep moving forward for a world of inclusion, connection and right relationship. Let´s do this together; we need your voice, we need your love.

The show is recorded live and viewers can interact with Jé through the Twitch chat – receiving love, affirmation, and encouragement around the potential of yourself. Get immediate answers to your questions while participating in community growth and fun.


Jé Exodus Hooper (Instagram: @ethicalevangelist)


Tuesday nights
5pm Pacific / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern / 12am UTC
(Broadcast from North American time zones)


Monologue, Interview


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