The Trans Experience – Pee Pitch

The first in a series of funny things I’ve learned that other trans people face, making this the ultimate in “you’re not alone” series.

Last week in my trans peer group, I learned that others worry about “pee pitch” in the restroom. That is, the sound, of your pee. Someone brought up using public restrooms and how much of a nightmare that can be…in general, but especially for trans folks. Eventually the conversation turned to something I didn’t know was a common thing trans folks worry about: “can people clock me because my pee doesn’t sound the same as cis people?”

Yes, as trans folks we live in constant fear of being found out and confronted, hassled, or physically attacked. In the massive slate of anti-trans legislation out there trying to create a society unfriendly to transgender people, making sure we aren’t welcome or safe in bathrooms has turned up the heat on the self-consciousness we already feel when we need to wee in public. Trying to “fit in” by making sure your pee is hitting at the right pitch and rate sounds ridiculous when you say it out loud, but almost everyone in the group chimed in and affirmed that it was a concern for them.

As the host of the peer group, one aspect of this felt great to me because I’m always trying to make sure everyone feels included in the conversation. There are times where the topic shifts to something unique to trans masc folks and others unique to trans femmes, and luckily, this one seemed to be a universal experience.

So there you have it. Pee pitch is a thing. Many trans folks are concerned with it early in their transition. Even in your own stall, sweating over your pee, you are not alone.

Emily Michelle

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