The Conjuring

This Podcast Contains Spoilers for the movie we are discussing.

The NtF crew is diving back into the spooky scary haunted realms this week as we discuss 2013’s The Conjuring. Patrick Wilson returns as a guy who’s name Billie can’t remember and we must have completed some sort of ritual because Luke’s landlord was conjured during the recording leaving Alex and Billie to their own devices. 

Listen to the show now either by winding up a dusty music box you found in the secret room in your house or by downloading it from whichever podcasting app you prefer. Time Codes and trigger warnings are below

TW: Brief mentions of suicide, infanticide and bodily harm in addition to the regular scares of ghosts and supernatural beasties in any good horror.

Time Codes

00:00:25 – Introductions
00:07:12 – Trailer
00:09:39 – Post movie discussions
01:28:48 – Scariest part
01:32:18 – Ratings/Would you watch again?
01:39:05 – Something to Cheer (Alex recommended Minari which is available for rent on Amazon Prime Video in Canada)
01:45:12 – Credits and Thanks.

Next week we are watching “The Grudge”

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