The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

This Podcast contains spoilers! 

In this week’s horror outing, Billie, Luke and Alex take a trip to rural Texas, taking in the sights, talking to the locals, visiting unique furniture craftsmen and sampling the local cuisine with Leatherface as our guide. Sure he’s a bit free with the chain sawing and he’s not much for words but there’s nothing like seeing a place with a local as your tour guide. (end sarcasm)

We’re talking all about the first Texas Chain Saw Massacre this week! Tobe Hooper directs a chilling film that leaves the group confused, spooked and thoroughly entertained. Here’s hoping this podcast does the trick as well.

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Here are some time codes!

00:00:00 Start!

00:00:23 Pre movie chats and chain saw noises

00:07:41 Trailer

00:08:37 Post movie chat and more chain saw noises

01:14:36 What was YOUR scariest part

01:16:00 Ratings/Would we watch it again

01:20:30 Something to Cheer

01:25:05 Review/Social Media/Credits (and a bit more chain saw noise for good measure)

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