Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) is a day of reverence observed every year on November 20th. It’s an opportunity for the community to come together to honor those we’ve lost in the trans and gender non-conforming community through the year as well as to celebrate our resilience and showcase our solidarity and the strength we possess when we come together.

2023 Transgender Day of Remembrance, VC Event

The community turned out in big fashion for a powerful, moving, and emotion night at the 9th annual Ventura County Transgender Day of Remembrance event on Monday, November 20th. Since 2015, the transgender community in Ventura County has come together for this impactful event. This year The Transverse partnered with the Ventura College Pride Pirates and ASVC as hosts for this important day with proceedes from the event donated by our generous sponsors going to fund the first Transgender Student Scholarship at Ventura College, as well as providing financial support for the great things Diversity Collective and The Transverse are doing in partnership.

TDOR Door Drawing


Beer Package

4x 1 pint cans of Casa Agria Full Blaze West Coast IPA
4x 1 pint cans of Casa Agria Arcade Zerp India Pale Ale
2x Casa Agria Pint Glasses
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Beautiful transgender flag painting titled “TransAmerica” by Qori Moorehaul. This stunning piece is 16″ x 20″ in acrylic and India ink on canvas.


Hand-made butterfly wing dangle earrings by Ohsheena Designs.


Winter Rose handpoured Candle from Cosmic Creep Candles in Ventura California. Description: “Sandlewood and Rose blend dressed with Moon bathed Rose Quartz and dried petals”.


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  2. 130189
  3. 130038 Roni
  4. 130057 Sam W.
  5. 130127 Jasmine H.

Runners up (in case winners don’t respond)

  1. 130055 Lee
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Transgender Day of Remembrance Proclamation, Ventura County Board of Supervisors

Supervisor Vianey Lopez of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors honored the transgender community of Ventura County with a beautiful speech and by delivering a proclamation designating November 20, 2023 as Transgender Day of Remembrance in Ventura County, and more importantly, resolving that the board will take the necessary steps to support the community in a meaningful way throughout the year ensuring access to care and treatment.

TDOR Proclamation text:

Commemorating 20th Day of November 2023 as Transgender Day of Remembrance in Ventura County

Whereas, Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed annually on November 20th to honor the memory of transgender and gender diverse people whose lives were lost in acts of anti-trans violence; and

Whereas, Transgender Day of Remembrance provides an opportunity for the community to come together to honor those we’ve lost in the transgender community during the current year and to build community resilience together; and

Whereas, throughout history, transgender and gender diverse people have often been the object of marginalization and persecution, including violence, criminalization, and lack of fundamental civil rights protections; and

Whereas, remembrance, visibility, and acceptance are essential to expanding equality and safety for transgender and gender diverse community members; and

Whereas, the County of Ventura is committed to continuing efforts to provide gender affirming care and LGBTQ+ culturally sensitive services throughout County agencies and through our community partnerships; and

Whereas, the County of Ventura is committed to delivering inclusive community services, nurturing and sustaining an equitable workforce where all individuals can thrive in an environment that exhibits diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at all levels while building a workforce that represents the communities we serve; and

NOW, THEREFOR, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Ventura County Board of Supervisors does hereby commemorate the 20th Day of November as Transgender Day of Remembrance in Ventura County; and

BE IF FURTHER RESOLVED that the County of Ventura pledges to continue to take steps throughout the year to increase access appropriate care, treatment, and support for transgender and gender diverse residents in Ventura County.

Presented on this 20th Day of November 2023

Matt LeVere, Chair of the Board of Supervisors; Supervisor 1st District
Jeff Gorell, Supervisor 2nd District
Kelly Long, Supervisor 3rd District
Janice S. Parvin, Supervisor 4th District
Vianey Lopez, Supervisor 5th District


Keynote Speaker

Kalki Subramaniam

Activist, artist, writer, filmmaker

Through her thoughts, actions and never-say-die attitude to life and the many adversaries that have come her way on account of her decision to live as a transwoman, Kalki has transformed herself into a role model for the transgender community, many of whom still live a marginalised existence on the fringes of society.

Kalki Subramaniam is an Indian transgender activist, queer artist, entrepreneur, poet, actor and inspirational speaker. Kalki is an expert in DEIB issues and is the founder of Sahodari Foundation, an organization that works for Indian transgender population through its powerful and innovative projects that bring social change and empowerment. She was born in Pollachi, a beautiful town in Tamilnadu, India.


Teddy Sky Garcia

Teddy Skye Garcia is a gender non-conforming transmasculine speaker, performer, and community advocate. He is also the Founder and Executive Director of TRANScend Youth (), a pending 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on education, advocacy, and events for and by trans and queer youth. From public speaking, to boothing at events across the county, to producing live theatrical events like “Home For The Holi-Gays” coming December 30th, Teddy Skye and TRANScend Youth hope to to help create a better, more welcoming world for young trans and gender diverse people.

Visit and stop by their resource table at the event to learn more!


Celia Daniels

Celia is a healthcare management consultant who educates, empowers, and advocates for transgender and gender-diverse individuals in the corporate world, public sector, and academic and medical institutions. 

As an Asian Indian trans woman born and raised in a conservative family in southern India, she writes and speaks passionately about the struggles and challenges she faced in her family, work, and community in the US and India.

Celia is recognized as one of the Top 20 LGBTQ leaders in Biopharma, Top 10 LGBTQ+ Voices on LinkedIn in the US and Canada, and Top 100 LGBTQ+ Women in DEI worldwide. She is the Founder and CEO of Rebekon Consulting, serves on the Executive Board of Trans Can Work Inc, and is the VP of Stonewall Democrats of Ventura County, California.

Video Presentation

Danni Rojas

Danni Rojas is an aspiring director, editor and cinematographer. Born in Lima, Peru he immersed himself in directing, editing, and TV studio work. After suffering several challenging curveballs he was forced to drop out of school and worked his way up in hospitality where he developed strong leadership skills.

Wanting a fresh start after getting divorced, he moved to Washington, where he was able to come to terms with his sexuality, and gender identity. With this change, he rekindled his undying passion for film.

Danni currently works in management and freelance videography, and recently obtained his associate’s in film and television.

Resources Available at the Event

One of the most important parts of the event is to connect members of the trans community to the wonderful resources available in our county. Below is the list of resources who will be tabling at this year’s TDOR event.


Diversity Collective, Ventura County
Stonewall Democrats of Ventura County
Coalition for
Family Harmony
Ventura College Associated Students and Pride Pirates clubs
County of Ventura
Planned Parenthood,
Central Coast

Your Support Matters

This event not only serves to honor the folks we’ve lost, but also provides a great space for trans folks to connect with peers, to learn about and connect with local trans and LGBT+ resources, and a free meal to help support those who may struggle financially. Your support makes all of this possible, plus helps to fund important local initiatives. This year, proceeds from this non-profit event go to benefit the first ever transgender student scholarship at Ventura College, Diversity Collective VC (Ventura’s LGBT+ resource center), and The Transverse (a local transgender support and media organization).

Proceeds From TDORVC Benefit These Great Causes

Past TDORVC events:

2022 TDOR

FREE On-site MPX Vaccines

We are also excited that in conjunction with Ventura County Public Health, we’re offering an on-site MPX vaccination clinic featuring the Jynneos vaccine!

If you’re interested in what the potential side effects may be, check out the Jynneos vaccine side effects

FREE Tacos from Condritos Tacos

Your contributions make it possible to provide food for our community which typically struggles with food insecurity.

This year we’ll have tasty tacos, including yummy soy pastor and quesadilla options for vegetarians.

Great speakers and artists from the community

Mallery Jenna Robinson

Trans woman, creator and host of the podcast A Hateful Homicide. Mallery will be speaking about her podcast and discuss the violence our community faces and how we can support each other.

Dahkotahv Beckham AMFT

Trans man, licensed family therapist. Dahkotahv will be speaking about discrimination in homelessness.

Teddy Garcia

Trans masc., 16 year old student. Teddy will be speaking about the state of acceptance among and for trans youth in our area.

Emily Kleckner

Trans woman, Founder & President of The Transverse, creator of The Transgender Show (Twitch, YouTube, podcast). Emily will deliver the History of Transgender Day of Remembrance, a remembrance of Latisha King, and intro a short video about Lucy Hicks Anderson, a transgender pioneer who lived in prohibition-era Oxnard.

Michelle Rosenblum

Trans woman, guitarist, songwriter, and guitar teacher. Michelle will be providing some of her wonderful music throughout the program.

Community Services and Vendors

These great local TDOR partners and friends will be at the event showcasing their services and offerings.


TDOR Photo Gallery (2021)

2021 Trans Day of Remembrance – Photos by Johnny Ortez-Tibbels