All on the Table: Side Quests Guidelines

(by Dana P., with edits from Emily)

Side Quests Overview

Side Quests is a sub-segment of The Transverse TRPG show, All On the Table. It consists of a series of single session games run by GM/hosts and played by players that can change from episode to episode. Ideally, these episodes will highlight games created by designers who are trans, queer, PoC, and/or from other marginalized communities.

Producer Responsibilities

  • Find the GM/Host for the episode.
  • Coordinate with head mod (Dani) who will set up mods for the show
  • Coordinate promotion
    • Tell the GM/Host what they are responsible for in terms of promotion.
    • Provide game details and graphics to marketing.
    • Organize additional opportunities for promotion as they present themselves.
    • Determine any giveaways that will be done during the game and work with the GM/Host to figure out how they will be handled.
    • Provide GM and players with final promotional graphics from the marketing team so they can promote on their channels.
  • Set up production to fit the game being played.
    • Work with marketing to produce/acquire any art needed for the episode.
  • Tell the GM/host anything you need them to do that’s not already covered below.
    • Work with the GM/host to determine plan breaks in gameplay.
  • Determine if there are other shows/channels that can be thrown to or raided after the show is over.
  • Get the show on the air.
  • Coordinate any editing that needs to be done for YouTube after the live broadcast.
  • GM/Host Responsibilities

  • Pick your game.
    • Should be completed in one session of no more than 5 hours. Talk to the producer before proceeding if you think it’s going to be longer.
    • Games from designers who are trans, queer, PoC, and/or from other marginalized communities and smaller publishers are preferred.
  • Find your players.
    • At least 50% of the players should be trans. Queer, PoC, and other underserved populations are preferred for the remainder of the positions, but cis-het folk are allowed.
    • If you need additional players, promote your game in the gaming room on The Transverse Discord.
    • Find out how the players wish to be introduced, including if they have social media or events to promote, and make sure you know their pronouns.
    • Players should be 18 years or older.
  • Coordinate with producer about the production logistics.
    • How many players do you have?
    • What’s a 1-2 sentence description of the game?
    • How long is your game going to go?
    • What are the start and end times?
    • What is the plan if the game goes long?
  • Tell the producer about any special requirements you may have.
    • Do you need to have a map shown, or is it theater of the mind?
    • Do you need to show cards that a player has or track the movement of pieces?
    • Do you need Roll 20 tokens or other art work?
    • Work with the producer to determine how you will handle bio breaks and other breaks during the game.
  • Make sure players and the producer each have a copy of the game or at least enough information to play. (This can take the form of a player guide or other similar handout).
  • Inform the players of their responsibilities
    • Do they need to generate characters before the game?
    • What equipment do they need (dice, cards, notepads, etc.)?
    • When do they need to show up?
    • Where are they going to play the game (Discord? Roll 20?)?
  • Run the game.
    • Make sure all players are engaged and participating.
    • Interact with chat if at all possible.

    Suggested Episode Flow

    • Introduce the show.
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Introduce the game and the game developer.
    • Introduce the players and let them introduce their characters if they are already made.
    • Gameplay
    • Thank the audience for coming.
    • Promote the Monday line-up of Transverse shows: Queerantine Kitchen at 8pm Easter/5 Pacific, Transistance news show at 9 ET/6 PT, and Behind Open Doors at 10 ET/7 PT.
    • Sign off, throwing to another affiliated show if possible.