Incredibly Trans

Incredibly Trans has been an official partner of The Transverse almost from the beginning. The founder, Isabelle, is a great friend and a long time member of The Transverse family. We’re excited to feature the Incredibly Trans spotlights here on our site and we hope you enjoy seeing these wonderful profiles and check back often to see who’s featured next. Please join us in welcoming Incredibly Trans and the new manager Aubrey to the site. Here’s a note from Aubrey:

Hello everyone! My name is Aubrey I wanted to introduce our page Incredibly Trans, a proud partner to The Transverse! A little bit about Incredibly Trans it is 100% driven by the inspirational people within the trans community. What we do is we love to share the stories of the members of our community! With the help of the amazing people that become our spotlights I get to help share their stories so that they can inspire others!

Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to help people when I grew up, no matter what capacity it was in. But when i came out during a time that the trans community has endured so much pushback, it was an instinct where I wanted to focus my attention. Incredibly Trans was founded by an amazing member of our community Isabelle with the same goals in mind, to inspire and help our community! Thanks to her our page has grown exponentially and is able to reach thousands of people to do exactly what the goal is set to do!

If you would ever like to become a spotlight yourself you can reach out to us on instagram or the transverse discord server! I hope one day we can take Incredibly Trans as far as possible. But as long as we get help the people in our community it will always be an honor to let anyone allow us to share their story!

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